25 immensely powerful life hacks

25 Brilliant Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Life hacks are great ways to accomplish critical tasks by making them look simple. They get us started. And starting is a great thing! In this article, I will be sharing with you 25 brilliant life hacks that are super valuable and make your life a lot easier.

1. What is the color of her eyeballs?

When speaking to others, try and notice the color of their eyeballs.

This will maintain eye contact without you feeling awkward and nervous while making them feel heard.

2. Talk to your future self.

But how?

Send emails to your future self.

It could be a task, a prediction, or a thought.

Compose the email and schedule it for sometime later.

It is joyful when we have forgotten something and then hear from ourselves.

3. Forget remembering

Do not try to remember anything.

Write everything down.

Put things on a calendar.

Create a to-do list.

Use the notes app.

We overestimate our ability to remember things.

4. Predict your future

Every birthday, write down some predictions for yourself, for the next year.

And next birthday, go through them.

Over the next 3-5 years, you will be amazed, at how inaccurate your predictions were.

5. Call by their names

When drafting a message or email, or replying to one, when saying hello or replying to someone, say out people’s names.

You will never forget it then. And people will feel loved.

6. Ask for a deadline

Whenever given a task or an order, always check for the deadline.

Always ask “by when do you need this?”

Very often, we have a different definition of urgency in our minds.

7. Set a time limit for time-wasting apps

Put a time limit for apps where you waste time.

Protect the time limit with a passcode.

Let your family or friends decide the passcode for you and not share it with you.

8. A WhatsApp group for yourself

Create a WhatsApp group with you and one of your friends.

Then delete the friend.

Now the group has only you.

Pin the group to the top.

Use this group for sharing thoughts, capturing images, voice notes to yourself, etc.

9. Don’t watch the news

News will make you feel that the world is falling apart and you should do something about it.

It will make you feel guilty for not doing anything about it.

10. Create a separate bank account for investment

Immediately after receiving your monthly salary, transfer 20% to that account.

You have to manage with the rest. Figure out how to do that!

11. Repay loans ASAP

If you have a loan, increase your EMI by 5% each year and pay 1 extra EMI each year.

Your 25-year home loan will now be paid in 13 years!

12. Start your side hustle now

Do not put pressure on your hobby to make money.

Pursue it through a side gig. Let it give you joy.

Get good at it.

Take your time.

The day your side income surpasses your main income, quit your job!

13. Wait for 30 days

Follow the 30-day rule.

When you need to make a big purchase, wait for 30 days.

Then ask yourself if you still need it just as much as you did earlier.

If you do, make the purchase. Most likely, you won’t!

14. Lower the tenure instead of the EMI

If you find a lower interest rate, don’t lower the EMI.

Lower the tenure of the loan.

Do whatever you can to save on interest paid!

15. Don’t be afraid to use credit cards

They offer 30-45 days of free credit.

They give you reward points.

They help you with credit ratings.

But always remember to pay the bill in full.

16. Buy long-term life insurance when you are young

Insurances are cheaper when you are younger.

You will get covered for much longer.

17. Never buy water in restaurants

Always carry a bottle of water with you.

Ask for regular water at restaurants.

18. Be grateful

Make and keep a gratitude jar.

Every day, before going to bed, write down something that you’re grateful for.

And then place it in the jar.

In moments of difficulty, go through the notes.

19. Give your emotions an outlet

Whenever you are angry with something, write down all that you are feeling.

Record your voice.

It will make you feel lighter.

And then destroy that voice note.

20. 2 minutes of silence

Every night look at the stars for just 2 minutes.

No sound. No distraction. Nothing.

Imagine how big the world is.

How there is a place for every one of us. Including you!

21. Help strangers

If you see somebody who needs help, help them.

Helping those you don’t know, makes you feel good about yourself.

You know you have nothing to gain from it.

22. Smile at the mirror

Say positive things to yourself.

Good morning.

Good Night.

I love you.

Or just look at yourself in the eyes and smile!

23. Follow positivity

Distance yourself from those who make you laugh at other people’s expense, those who make you feel jealous, those who make you feel ugly or incapable, and those who spread hatred and anger.

You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.

24. Learn something and then teach it to others

When you teach something, your understanding of what you’re teaching gets better.

25. Take breaks

Our mind gets distracted. Give it some space.

You can follow the Pomodoro technique.

25 minutes of work

5 minutes of break


After 2-4 of such Pomodoros, take a longer 20-minute break.

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